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Pathayku Prakasham 1784

Pathayku Prakasham

Malayalam bible study about Thought (ചിന്ത)  by Fr Dr Daniel Johnson. 


Thanks for the program.Very good idea.The sub-concies mind is very power full.All the matters we have studied are kept in this mind.When we need it will help in time.if we studied bad things from our surrounding we will follow that.if study bible word and related program.it will lead to good life.All of our desire will fulfill.I have passed degree in 1980.But i get a govt job in 1994.i suffered so much during the time of job less period.I attend a bible convension during the year 1991.I prayed and stuedy bible related books and program.In the time of getting job in1994 I was in 10 rank list.Really good thoughts give good life.After 1991 meeting my life changed to good path.Now i am living in a good retired life.Thanks for the bible programs. — sudarsanan.kt. on 2017-01-09 21:45:17

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