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my name is sheela raju from cherthala.after my husbands two months hospitalisation we both lost our job also hospitalisation was very expensive now we have noother way to lead our daily life,no regular income,we are trying to sale our property at ranni to escape ,but nobody tries to purchase ,so respected Bishop pray to get a good financial security from any source. — sheela raju on 2017-11-01 15:39:48

my name is D.Raju from cherthala.a regular viwer of atmeeya yathra programme.Last july i had two operations for kidney growth and prostate enlargement at astermedcity ernakulam,i got a biopsy report without any complication with the help of ur precious prayer ,but i face a terrible urinary infection ,i dont have any relief eventhough i am taking high dose of antibiotics,now they suggest more expensive tests,i am confident that i will be relieved completely with your precious prayer . so pl respected Bishop,pl pray for me. — D.Raju, on 2017-11-01 15:31:15

My name Vasudevan Moothedath..Perinthalmanna..
I am a poor man I have my Wife and 3kids.. I have no daily jobe i need one good daily jobe please prayer god — Vasudevan on 2017-10-31 13:44:05

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