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About Us

Athmeeya Yathra began over 30 years ago with a single radio broadcast in Malayalam. Today there are over 111 radio broadcast in 110 different languages, multiple magazines and hundreds of book titles published are just a few things that Athmeeya Yathra is doing.

Quality and uprightness has always been the the guiding principle that has sustain the integrity of the work. With this same passion for quality and integrity the TV Channel of Athmeeya Yathra was born.

AYTV is a channel that parents don’t have to worry if their children are watching. They know positive values will be taught. Families can together enjoy the richness of programing that will touch their hearts from movies to documentaries, cartoons, teaching and music that will lift their day!

You can be sure that there is something for everyone on AYTV!

About AYTV

Our Programming

All of us want to live a life of significance, but so few of us know where to start. It starts with a desire and passion to be different. Our programing is exactly the kind of passion building, hope giving content that people need in order to live a significant life. Our channel is not just another entertainment filler on TV. Our programming literary changes people’s Millions have been helped through our radio, publicans and our TV channel is no different in the commitment to seeing people helped with hope!.

Family Friendly

It is our guarantee that there is programing for everyone. Whether you are a housewife, or a factory worker, the president of a bank, a student in high school or college. Our programing is entertaining, wholesome, uplifting, encouraging, challenging and leaves you with Hope! We Know that you and your family will love it!

Highly Committed

The high standards and quality that you see in our programming is not an accident. This is the result of years of dedication to integrity and excellence throughout all of Athmeeya Yathra. Our team of dedicated TV professionals maintain that high level of excellence and work ethic within our TV production. This result is us being able to provide you with the best of high quality TV programming.

Technologically Advanced

We have some of the most advanced technology backing our channel. This empowers us to be able to provide higher quality programing that many others. This ensures that you will for years to come be enjoying high quality family oriented programing.

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